The Villain's Story

Chapter [547] Master VS Student.

Chapter 547 [547] Master VS Student.

At last, the barrier that spanned the entire mountains disappeared, however the vortex in the sky stayed the same. The people down the mountain had mostly retreated and went back to the base camp on the orders of Oliver and Logan.

Only a select few were left behind on the mountain, among them, Oliver and Arken stared at the mountain up above.

Or whatever remained of it at least, Three meteors had crashed into it, ruining the beauty of the mountains but giving it a sense of mysticism. Oliver had his mouth agape, the same with Logan, Only Arken had a cold stare present on his face, one devoid of any surprise.

"He's on his last legs... Perhaps we don't have to go and can just wait until his body is unable to keep the state active for long."

Oliver muttered under his breath, but everyone could still hear his words. Part of them were confused, and Logan questioned what he meant. Although he wasn't that dumb, he already had an idea who he was referring too...but the possibility seemed so impossible he was afraid to ask.

Sabrina stayed to the side, behind her guards and grandfather, she also looked up at the vortex with an apprehensive look on her face. Only Arken stayed calm. As Oliver continued to mutter and even prepare a few skills, Arken interrupted.


He stopped Oliver, who looked at him with a strange expression.

"Don't worry, these skills won't hurt him. Just put him to sleep."

He assured, but that was not the cause of Arken's interruption.

"He won't tap out of that state, not for a long while at least."

Because they were the strongest awakened, their eyes could already see what was happening at the top of the mountain. And they could see a 'weak' Alan Peccator, struggling to stay on his feet and almost collapsing to the ground.

When Oliver saw that, he was sure that the effects of the aura awakening were wearing off and Alan was about to wake up soon...but he was wrong.

"His mind wants to wake up, but his body won't let it."

Oliver quickly offered a rebuttal.

"His body is tired, it can't possibly fight for long."

Although he was unparalleled on Earth when it came to mana, Oliver didn't share the same expertise with aura. Therefore, although he was inclined to believe what Arken was saying...common sense suggested something else.

Even with Alan's dragon heart to provide mana for the monstrous skills he was using, and his new-found aura. He should be tired. No...

He must be! His body has to be!

It was common sense! But he chose not to trust it this time and quietly listened to Arken.

"His body may be tired, but that bloodline of his is an issue. It's constantly repairing it, and soon it'll be back at peak condition... The most important thing to it is-"

"Prioritizing his survival..."

Sabrina interrupted with a low voice, she was actually mumbling to herself but when she realized she interrupted Arken, she apologized. Arken dismissed it and even smiled.

"Yep, So...he should be back to peak state right"

Right on cue, the vortex up in the sky lit up with unprecedented light and increased in size. Likewise, Oliver and Arken could see that Alan no longer struggled to keep on his feet. His right arm glowing a golden hue. Completely recovered.

Had Lucas or Alexander awakened their aura in this situation, their bodies would collapse halfway through it. Even Arken wouldn't be able to keep it up as long Alan had...and the fact that his Phoenix bloodline was persistent in keeping him in that state was an issue. A big one.

"So, how do we bring him back home?"

Asked Oliver, having expected an answer...

Arken smiled, The wrinkles on his face increased, and his bright white teeth were on full display.

"Simple, Beat the shit out of him!"

The rest of the people were a bit confused, and Sabrina's heart skipped a beat. She blamed herself for all this mess after all.


Oliver sighed, and got ready to teleport them both up the mountain but was stopped by Arken.

"Oh no you don't. I do this alone. Stay here!"

"What?! Are you cr-"

But before he could finish his sentence, Arken disappeared and jumped up the mountain. It took him only three jumps to reach the top. Oliver could only look on silently, sighing.

Meanwhile, Sabrina reached out of her inventory and donned a big, black robe.

On top of the mountain, Arken appeared in front of Alan, squatting down on a piece of the city as he stared at Alan, who did the same.


There was complete awe in his voice.

"Your...using them both. Mana and Aura... Although it ain't perfect... It's fucking amazing, brat!"

He smiled, as his berserker sword rested on his shoulders and a blood-stained armor appeared around his body, incredibly menacing.

At the same time, A green light appeared around him, and instinctively went out to battle against Alan's aura.

Space turned and churned, as the two energies collided with one another. The smile disappeared from Arken's face and was replaced by a cold, expressionless face.

"Now... Let's see what you learned from me..."

He muttered, as his figure disappeared. Appearing right in front of 'Alan' and swinging his sword at such a speed, even 'Alan' couldn't react. Lightning rumbled as Arken's sword, imbued with it, quaked. He attacked the left side of Alan's chest. Aiming at his liver with his...sword.

However, this time...something else happened. This time, the blade didn't phase through Alan's body but struck it! It took even 'Alan' by surprise as the sound of metal striking metal was heard, accompanied by an electric shock.

A noticeable cavity appeared on Alan's left side as his body was unable to move, it lasted only for a second, but come on. It's the sword saint! He only needed that! With shocking speed, he reached out with his left hand and grabbed Alan's face, slamming his head down into the mountain.

"Come on! Show me something."

He said, with a crazed look.

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