The Strongest War God

Chapter 879: The First-Generation Ancestor Bearing, Older Brother is Stronger!

Chapter 879: The First-Generation Ancestor Bearing, Older Brother is Stronger!


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The Jansky Manor welcomed dozens of important figures.

Without exception, they were all representatives of the Jansky family.

There were no weaklings; all of them were pinnacles!

Each of them had brought a statue with them, which meant that the Spirit Awakening Ceremony of the Jansky family disciples was closely related to the seven-meter-tall humanoid statue.

Trevor Jansky was stunned.

They had only informed the family members of Jover, Caddison and Dilford!

Why was everyone here!

Those who didn’t know would think that the Jansky family was going to hold an ancestral worship ceremony!

For all the aristocratic families, the most important event was their ancestral worship ceremony.

Worshipping the ancestors!

However, this kind of ceremony was usually held after the New Year.

Wilbur Jansky held a seven-meter-tall statue in his hand. The statue was holding a long sword and looked like a sword emperor. Even though it was a statue, it still made people fear it.

He sent the statue into the Lenver Pond below.

When Wilbur saw the Lenver Pond, his pupils constricted, and he said in a serious voice, “Blood flooding the Lenver Pond, the first-generation ancestors’ appearance!”

“First-generation bloodline!”

Dallas Jansky of Jover was shocked.

None of the 35 family heads present had ever seen such a rich bloodline.

This was the first-generation bloodline!

That was the bloodline potential of their first ancestor.

The first ancestor of the Jansky family, at his peak, was not just as simple as being a supreme pinnacle.

The family heads all entered the Lenver Pond in a flash.

The ancestral land of the Jansky family in Lenver.

Other than Sheridan Jansky, outsiders were not allowed to enter.

However, these 35 big shots were all people who controlled their respective lineages. Their status was not much lower than Sheridan’s.

They descended upon the Lenver Pond together and ignored Martial Emperor Yanagi!

That was how the martial artists of aristocratic families were like!

As a hidden cultivation force, the Jansky family was ultimately a martial arts aristocratic family.

They were the aristocratic family that held the greatest power among the aristocratic families!

A hundred meters underground, in the Lenver Pond.

Skylar Neal’s upper body was naked, and the vitality that spread in the pond returned to his body.

His vitality did not increase!

However, the potential of Skylar’s body was fully drawn out, and his talent had increased by four times!

The benefits of increasing one’s talent had already appeared.

Garrison Marquis Skylar was second only to Braydon Neal. He was a genius who had mastered the eight pinnacle techniques and formed the ninth technique.

Creating a different ninth technique meant that Skylar had embarked on his own martial arts path.

The Lenver Pond quickly regained its clarity.

There was no more blood in the water!

Skylar broke through the water and stirred up a hundred meters of waves. His whole body was wet. He stepped on the water and walked to the side of the pond. He gently picked up his ghost mask and stood in front of Braydon. He said softly, “Brother!”

“You brat, you’re all grown up!”

Braydon said lovingly, “When I see Third Uncle in the future, I can give him an explanation.”

“Brother, it’s your turn!”

Skylar’s talent had increased by four times.

It meant that he had spiritual talent.

He was not weaker than his brother Braydon!

Now, it was Braydon’s turn to perform the Spirit Awakening Ceremony.

“I’m not in a hurry for my Spirit Awakening Ceremony.” Braydon shook his head gently.

“What’s wrong?”

Skylar keenly sensed that something must have happened to his brother Braydon during the process of his Spirit Awakening Ceremony.

“Your brother was willing to accept the Life and Death Restriction in order to protect you by suppressing his vitality,” Kieran Normand said in a low voice.


Skylar’s eyes were filled with killing intent. In his anger, he used the eight techniques.

The ninth technique, the Slaying Immortal sword light, condensed in his left hand.

Skylar pointed his sword at Kieran and said coldly, “Was it you?”

As long as Kieran dared to nod his head, Skylar would dare to kill him with a single strike!

It was the Life and Death Restriction, an extremely sinister forbidden technique.

How dare these people use it on Braydon!

“It was them!” Kieran said calmly.


Skylar looked at Sigismund Jansky, Stearns Jansky and Sewall Jansky who were sitting cross-legged not far away.

“Skylar, disperse the ninth technique!”

Braydon didn’t want Skylar to do anything reckless.

Skylar said hoarsely, “Brother, that’s the Life and Death Restriction. How could you allow them to do that to you?”

“It was my order. Only in this way can I protect you!”

Braydon rubbed Skylar’s silver hair dotingly.

He said that Skylar was all grown up, but on the other hand, he still treated him like a child.

Mount Sino’s Wilbur stepped forward with a serious expression. He grabbed Braydon’s wrist and rolled up his sleeve. He saw a red line in his skin.

“It is indeed the Life and Death Restriction. Follow me back to Mount Sino and let your teacher use the sword intent of Mount Sino to cut it!” Wilbur was the one who personally knew Braydon.

No one stopped him.

When the important figures present arrived at the Jansky family’s manor in Lenver, they only saw Skylar’s terrifying side. His bloodline potential was like the resurrection of the first ancestor!

The leaders of the respective lineages all wanted to bring him back to their own homes.

Do you think they are here to help?

They were here to fight for the talent!

A new person with the bearing of a supreme pinnacle had appeared, so the heads of the various families could not sit still and came to Lenver to get him. However, everyone saw with their own eyes that it was not as simple as that.

The bloodline of the first ancestor.

All the factions wanted to kidnap him.

Sheridan remained expressionless and silent.

He was the only one who understood that if the various branches wanted to take Skylar with them, they would have to see if the Garrison King agreed or not!

If they were to forcefully take him, it would probably bring about a huge disaster!

The elites of the Northern Army would definitely go all out and declare war on the Jansky family.

Therefore, Dallas and the others were all focused on Skylar, so they did not pay too much attention to Braydon.

Little did they know that the most monstrous person present was this white-robed youth!

The bloodline power hidden in his body far exceeded everyone’s expectations.

Dallas saw that Skylar and Braydon had a close relationship, so he took the initiative to ask, “Has your Life and Death Restriction formed a life and death knot?”

“Without the knot, how could Braydon’s bloodline be suppressed?”

Martial Emperor Yanagi stood on the ground with his hands behind his back and looked down at the Lenver Pond below.

“Teacher, I’m fine!” Braydon said softly.

“That’s good. Skylar’s Spirit Awakening Ceremony has been completed. It’s your turn! ”

Martial Emperor Yanagi stood with his hands behind his back.

He had personally led 200,000 royal guards to accompany Braydon to Lenver’s Jansky family. Was it just to bring Whitney Jansky back to the Neal family?

What a joke!

The Martial Emperor of a generation was not an idle person.

He had personally come to Lenver’s Jansky family manor to have Braydon complete the Spirit Awakening Ceremony here.

Three years ago, even the Sovereign Lord suggested that Braydon go to Lenver to perform the Spirit Awakening Ceremony.

Now, Martial Emperor Yanagi wanted to make it happen.

There was also a secret plan by Finley Yanagi!

It could be seen that the Spirit Awakening Ceremony was indeed extremely important to Braydon.

“Today is Elder Giannis’s funeral. I need to make a trip to the capital!” Braydon said softly.

Giannis Zazueta had fought his way into the Delta Empire and died in battle.

Braydon ordered a million elite soldiers of the Northern Army to go south to

Hollow Pass to force the Delta Empire to hand over the body of Old Master Giannis.

However, Old Master Giannis’s body had already turned into ashes!

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