Monster Integration

Chapter 3836 Fluidity

Chapter 3836 Fluidity

?'They are coming,' I thought, looking at the Grimms at a distance.

They have noticed the battles and coming to help their friends and see their numbers. We will need to deal with the ones we are fighting fast.

"Your teamwork is amazing, I wish, we could have fought more," I said to them. It instantly, a short alarm on their faces and they acted immediately. With defensive methods appearing in front of them. They retreated.

Puch Puch!

They weren't able to take even a single step back before my lances pierced through their chest.

I pulled them to my core and moved toward the three Grimms, that remained. They were fighting till now and even seemed happy seeing the help was coming, but after seeing me kill their leaders effortlessly, they began to run away.

Puch Puch!

I killed the two running away, while the woman killed the third one. I turned to the Earth Sovereign and finished them off.

"The leader, seemed powerful," said the woman as all the Sky Sovereigns gathered. I was glad, that nobody had run away seeing the Grimms coming.

"It is, but I will handle it. You all handle the rest," I replied, and could see them taking a sigh of relief.

The group only has nine Grimms in it, but it is more powerful. Especially their leader. I did not fear it. Instead, my heart started to beat wildly seeing him coming. I want to fight it.

Given the speed, it will take one and half a minute more for them to reach us.

Injured are focused on healing themselves, while most Earth Sovereigns go back to the field. It is not a battle for them, except for one man.

He is an Earth Sovereign, but masquerading as the Sky Sovereign. He is pretty powerful.


I was waiting when something happened to my core. A bronze pot with faint violet translucent liquid had shown me something when I inserted the filtered aura of one of the Sky Sovereigns in it.

"Well, it is a surprise," I thought and looked at the Sky Sovereigns.

Especially two of them, who are standing apart. Giving no indication, that they know each other, but I am pretty sure, that they do.

Though I have no intention to bring that out, yet, before we deal with the enemies coming toward us.


Seconds passed, and my core buzzed as the Grimms turned to dust. I watched the growth energy release from the seedling of the world tree and went through the thousands of plants, my clones planted now and in the past few months.

With the growth energy, the plants grow fast, but I need to kill more Grimms. What I have is far from enough.

Finally, the Grimms reached us, and the first one was the leader. Seeing it, a mile away, I flew forward to meet it.

It is a Flame Stripe Tigerman, holding a crystal red great sword. The fire is blazing across its stripe and even more rage in its eyes. It is a High Sky-Sovereign, far more powerful than the two I had fought not long ago.

"You will pay for what you did," it said as it came close to me, and the fire across the stripes spread across its whole body.

Turning it into a blazing humanoid.

Burst 60%.

"Die!" it shouted and attacked me with the massive flaming sword. It was a powerful attack, and I activated the burst immediately before moving my sword forward.


Our swords clashed and immediately. The eyes of the Tigerman widened as it shook before rapidly starting to take a step back.

"You better use your full power, or you will not be able to survive for long," I said as it stopped.

"You have quite a confidence," it said with a burning rage, before a fiery aura released from its body. It is like a volcano, powerful enough to burn the Sovereigns to ashes and harm the Earth's Sovereign.


The next moment, I heard the boom as it shot from its place and appeared in front of me a fraction of a second later.

"Burn!" it roared and attacked me, with a sword covered in dense fire.


Its sword clashed against mine before that massive fore covered me. It is powerful, so much, so that average Sky Sovereigns would be burned to ashes within a second, but for me, nothing happened.

It took less than a second for me to swallow it all before revealing myself to it, with a grin.

"Try harder," I said, and shot toward it with the attack.

I like fighting defensively, but sometimes, it is good to go offensive. The Grimms are powerful, and I like to see how much.

I also need to be finished with the battle quickly, before any of the Sky Sovereign dies. So, I am planning on squeezing as much as I can from this battle by going on to offensive.


It acted fast and defended with its massive sword, but I disappeared before it could launch the attack on its own and appeared above it.

I attacked again and this time, the attack was stronger than before and the one after that was even stronger.

I am planning on increasing the power of my attack, and the increase isn't small. It is big and I want to see, how long it will last.

It will die, the moment it couldn't defend.


I attacked it over and over at every moment, and it is defending against all. Using, his sword skillfully. I wish I hadn't been in a hurry; I could learn a lot from it, seeing both of us are a user of the great sword.

It has much greater experience of using it than me seeing how fluidly it is controlling the sword.

I hate to admit it, but I didn't have such fluidity. Though I am close and if I continue to fight against the enemies like this, I will gain that fluidity, that it has.


It defended once again, but this time, the attack had pushed it back one step and the one that came after that, pushed it two steps.

Its aura burst out and it harnessed more power, but it was already using its full power and now trying to harness everything it could defend against my moves.

I wanted to go a little easy, but I didn't and attacked, increasing a similar percentage of power, that I had been doing for the past few seconds.

It defended while taking the steps back. I could see it; it was looking around and sending the rescue signals. It didn't try to run away, not because it was an honorable warrior, but because it was aware, that if it tried, it would give me a perfect way to its back.


I attacked once again and this time; it couldn't remain on its feet and shot back, vomiting the fiery blood from its mouth.

I moved like always and appeared behind it. it sensed me and moved its sword back, but it was slow and for a moment, I thought about slowly sword, before pushing that thought away.


Its sword wasn't able to reach mine in time, and it buried itself into its chest from the back.

A moment later, it was frozen, with its defenses crushed. I pulled it into my core and moved toward the other Sky Sovereigns, especially two with the bloodline.

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