Martial Peak

Chapter 5857: Myriad Dao Sealed World

Chapter 5857: Myriad Dao Sealed World

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In High Heaven Territory, the Star Boundary, a huge river rapidly flowed in a canyon not far away from the High Heaven Palace. The river was linked at both ends, forming a circle.

10,000 Grand Daos merged inside that large river, creating endless wonders.

Although there wasn’t a large commotion, it still attracted many people.

The first to arrive was Iron Blood Great Emperor Zhan Wu Hen, followed by Martial Beast Great Emperor Mo Huang. Later, Serene Soul Great Emperor Yao Jun, Bustling World Great Emperor Duan Hong Chen, and Flower Shadow Great Emperor Hua Ling Long appeared.

Now that there weren’t many battles on the frontlines, and the Black Ink Clan Army had been routed, leaving only a few scattered soldiers in hiding, the Star Boundary’s Great Emperors had returned to the Star Boundary to recuperate.

All these Great Emperors were Masters recognised by the Star Boundary’s Will and so they naturally returned here and could sense any changes that took place in the Universe World.

Since they had sensed movement here, they all came to investigate.

They had just arrived when two other figures came together and greeted the several Great Emperors.

The two who came last were the new Great Emperors that appeared in recent years.

With the Star Boundary’s current World Bottle, it could now support 14 Great Emperors, which was four more than before, when its limit was only 10. This was undoubted because of the World Tree Clone’s continuous nourishment. The increase in Great Emperor positions and the death of two Great Emperors, Heavens Revelation and Ice Feather, had given some rising stars a chance to shine.

Among all 14 Great Emperors, some were still in the middle of battle while some were in retreat, but they gathered here immediately after sensing the disturbance. 

These two new Great Emperors were given the titles Scarlet Clouds and Wind and Thunder. Both were disciples from the Cave Heavens and Paradises, but beyond that identity, they were born and raised in the Star Boundary.

The two hadn’t been cultivating for a long time, so they were only Seventh-Order Masters; however, Zhan Wu Hen and the others didn’t look down on them because they directly broke through to the Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm and could break through to the Ninth-Order in the future.

Moreover, being Star Boundary Great Emperors meant they would grow far faster than others. Though they had only been Seventh-Order Masters for a few hundred years, both were already almost at the peak of their current Order, so it wouldn’t be long before they broke through to the Eighth-Order.

Now that all the Star Boundary Great Emperors had gathered here, the two youngest ones stared at the river in shock, with Scarlet Clouds asking, “What is Sir Yang up to?”

Wind and Thunder Great Emperor had the same question. They both knew of Yang Kai, but had never met him in person because he was a true hidden Dragon who never showed his face. At this moment, the Great Emperors looked over and saw the river was filled with Dao Strengths. Every wave contained many mysteries of the Grand Daos, making everyone feel astonished and curious.

Duan Hong Chen replied seriously, “I don’t know!”

Hearing that, Secret Clouds was shocked, [Even the experienced Sirs don’t know what is happening, so it must be something big!]

Yao Jun grimly added, “Although we don’t know what he’s doing, it’s clearly something momentous.”

Zhan Wu Hen glanced at Yao Hun with an expression that said he was speaking nonsense. 

“Let’s just continue watching,” Mo Huang crossed his arms while standing there, waiting quietly.

The crowd immediately fell silent.

Meanwhile, the commotion in the river grew larger, and the Dao Strengths became noticeably denser. Not only were there Dao Strengths that Yang Kai summoned out himself, but the crowd also saw him retrieve strings of things, which resembled streams, and add them to his Space-Time River.

At first, the crowd didn’t pay much attention to these small additions, but when they got a clear glimpse of the streams, they were even more shocked because those stream-like things were also the embodiment of a myriad of Grand Daos. More importantly, the Dao Strengths contained within were extremely pure.

During that instance, the crowd couldn’t help but feel curious. How could someone have control over so many different Grand Daos and cultivate every single one to such a high level of mastery?

One hour later, following the addition of many streams, the Space-Time River began to tremble. Just as everyone was worried that Yang Kai was about to run out of strength to continue, they heard him bellow, “Open!”

The next moment, the Void twisted and changed. The Space-Time River’s circular area suddenly collapsed, revealing a spinning vortex. Then, the Dao Strengths from the 10,000 Grand Daos in the Space-Time River swarmed into the vortex, causing the rushing river to gradually calm down and return to a peaceful state.

“A Territory Gate?” Zhan Wu Hen raised his brow.

He wasn’t wrong to suspect that because the vortex spinning before them truly looked like a Territory Gate at first glance.

While shaking his head, Duan Hong Chen argued, “It looks like one, but don’t forget about the three Sealed Worlds in High Heaven Palace.”

There were three Sealed Worlds in High Heaven Palace, all of them specifically made by Yang Kai. They were the Time Dao Sealed World, the Space Dao Sealed World, and the Spear Dao Sealed World. Each of them was filled with Yang Kai’s comprehension and attainments of those three Grand Daos.

Yang Kai had thought that among the increasing number of Void Dao Temple disciples being brought out to break through to the Open Heaven Realm, there were bound to be some that took after him and cultivated one of his three primary Grand Daos. So, he specifically created those three Sealed Worlds to allow those disciples to head inside and gain more experience.

That way, he didn’t need to train them personally because the disciples who cultivated these three Grand Daos would be able to benefit from those three Sealed Worlds.

Of course, not only were those Sealed Worlds open to Dao Temple disciples, but even cultivators other than High Heaven Palace disciples could enter them. All one needed to do was to report to Hua Qing Si and get her approval.

Many members of the Dragon Clan had previously entered the Time Dao Sealed World; likewise, members of the Phoenix Clan had entered the Space Dao Sealed World. As for the cultivators who entered the Spear Dao Sealed World, there were too many to count.

Duan Hong Chen didn’t doubt Yang Kai’s ability to open another Territory Gate, but this place was secluded, so there was no need to open a Territory Gate here. Instead, he felt like this thing was similar to those three Sealed Worlds in High Heavens Palace.

Having heard that, the crowd thought about it briefly and nodded. 

“We’ll know for sure after we ask him,” while saying so, Hua Ling Long went over and stood beside Yang Kai. Then, she looked up at the vortex and asked, “Is this a Sealed World?”

Yang Kai grabbed his Space-Time River, seeming to be thinking about something. He only came back to his senses after hearing the question and nodded, “Yes. This is the Myriad Dao Sealed World!”

“Myriad Dao Sealed World?” Hua Ling Long raised her brow while secretly criticizing how arrogant Yang Kai was being, but then she thought that this was something Yang Kai created, so no matter how arrogant he was, it was his choice.

“What’s the use of this Sealed World?”

Yang Kai explained, “I collected some pure Dao Strengths from the Universe Furnace. Since I have no use for them at the moment, I placed them all inside this Sealed World. Anyone can go inside to refine and absorb those Dao Strengths if needed and increase their understanding of the Grand Daos they cultivate.”

Back inside the Universe Furnace, Yang Kai had collected a huge amount of Dao Strengths, all of which he got from deep within the Infinite River and kept inside his Small Universe. Creating the Myriad Dao Sealed World was something he had thought about doing a long time ago, but he had been caught up in other matters and had only had time to create it today.

“Increase our attainments in the Grand Daos we cultivate?” The crowd became excited after hearing that.

The comprehension of Grand Daos was very mysterious. It wasn’t something like World Force inside one’s Small Universe, where they need only refine Open Heaven Pills or materials to improve. One could only get stronger in one’s use of their Grand Dao by improving on their comprehension and mastery over it. 

If one wasn’t sharp enough, it might cause their cultivation of a Grand Dao to become stagnant. This had been a difficult-to-solve problem since ancient times.

One of the solutions was to find an extremely pure Dao Strength to absorb and refine, but pure Dao Strengths were extremely difficult to come across. Even if there were some at some point in the 3,000 World, they would have been taken away after so many years.

Therefore, the Great Emperors were excited after hearing Yang Kai say that a lot of pure Dao Strengths were kept inside the Myriad Dao Sealed World, especially Scarlet Clouds and Wind and Thunder. Being the Star Boundary’s Great Emperors helped their cultivation increase at breakneck speed, and they had accumulated quite a fair amount of heritage inside their Small Universes as a result; however, they fell short when it came to the comprehension of their respective Grand Daos.

In fact, there was a second way to improve their comprehension and mastery of their Grand Dao, which was the Ordinary Grade Innate Open Heaven Pills from the Universe Furnace.

If there were still Ordinary Grade Open Heaven Pills from the Universe Furnace, they would only have to take a few of them to have a better understanding of their Grand Daos, but after hundreds of years, the Ordinary Grade Open Heaven Pills brought out from the Universe Furnace had long been consumed. How could there still be any more of them?

Those large amounts of Ordinary Grade Open Heaven Pills were the reason for the Human Race’s sudden increase in military force, whereby a large group of Seventh-Order Masters advanced to become Eighth-Order Masters after the Universe Furnace closed. Otherwise, the frontlines wouldn’t have been able to push back the Black Ink Clan.

Back then, Scarlet Clouds and Wind and Thunder felt remorse for being born too late, or else they might already be Eighth-Order Masters.

“You’re all welcome to enter if you’re interested,” Yang Kai offered casually.

“I was thinking of going in just when you said that!” Zhan Wu Hen spoke while stepping forward and dashing inside the Myriad Dao Sealed World. After that, everyone else followed and headed inside.

The few veteran Great Emperors had reached the peak of their cultivations, but the opportunity to increase their attainments in their Grand Daos was too good to pass up. 

Meanwhile, Yang Kai didn’t bother with them and continued staring quietly at the Space-Time River while in a daze.

To create the Myriad Dao Sealed World, he pushed his Space-Time River to its limit; also, he temporarily fused the Dao Strengths of the 10,000 Grand Daos inside his Small Universe into the Space-Time River.

There was a moment when those Dao Strengths inside the Space-Time River became so dense that it almost exceeded his limit of control.

During that short moment, the 10,000 Dao Strengths inside the Space-Time River changed, seemingly having some sort of mysterious resonance.

Something inexplicably mysterious was being nurtured and born inside his Space-Time River at that moment!

However, after Yang Kai inserted a lot of Dao Strengths into the Myriad Dao Sealed World, that mysterious feeling disappeared, and the Space-Time River was restored to its original state.

That reminded Yang Kai of when he was in the Infinite River. Deep inside the river were countless gravel-like miniature Universe Worlds and also many small Celestial Phenomena. 

Those gravel-like Universe Worlds and Celestial Phenomena didn’t just appear on their own, so they must naturally have been nurtured by the Infinite River. The Universe Furnace devoured Chaos and evolved its strength into the 10,000 Grand Daos inside itself. Then, it spat out the accumulated Dao Strengths and physical Worlds. This cycle repeated endlessly, refining Chaos before splitting Heaven and Earth apart.

As for Yang Kai’s Space-Time River, it was essentially a miniature Infinite River. This was something he comprehended after witnessing the mysteries surrounding the Infinite River, though it was without a doubt a simpler version.

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