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Chapter 1281: Day One Merchandises! Divine Kingdom Soldier type Class Change Certificate!

Chapter 1281: Day One Merchandises! Divine Kingdom Soldier type Class Change Certificate!

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At this moment, a large number of high-level bloodline races like the Titan God Race and even top-notch bloodline races like the Original Spirit Race were looking at Venus with determination in their eyes.

They were all determined to obtain Venus!

Even the other middle-level races and weak races yearned to obtain it.

This was because they saw the hope for their race to make it and become masters or even take another step forward from this race’s divine artifact.

Just like the consensus of the myriad worlds, this Venus was a race divine artifact that could uplift the entire race!

Everyone would be tempted, even Zhou Zhou was no exception!

Zhou Zhou thought for a while and looked at the goods below.

Apart from Venus, there were also other goods sold on the first day.

[Day One Merchandises]

[Star Annihilation Cannon (Low-Tier Deity Level Elementary Grade) (Quantity: One): A Star Annihilation Cannon with the power of a God Spirit. It can be parked in space to guard a planet or placed on a spaceship. It can be used as a conventional weapon in a spaceship. After fully accumulating energy, a full-power cannon can destroy a regular inhabited planet in one strike. It can also be used in battle with a Low-Tier Deity. Selling Price: 10,000 Obscure Lord Shop Points!]


[Elementary Sun Energy Shield (Low-Tier Deity Level Elementary Grade) (Quantity: One): A planetary protection facility with defense at the level of a God Spirit. It can absorb the light of the Supreme Star—Sun Star to accumulate energy and set up a defense layer for the planet. It can defend against attacks at the level of a Low-Tier Deity Level. It’s a basic planetary defense facility. Selling Price: 10,000 Obscure Lord Shop Points!]

[Blue Bird (Low-Tier Deity Level Elementary Grade) (Quantity: One): Basic God-Tier spaceship. Its normal sailing speed is one light-year per hour. After entering the dark universe, it can reach 100 light-years per hour. It can preliminary satisfy the actions of the Lords of all races in the active universe. Selling Price: 10,000 Obscure Lord Shop Points!]

[Potential Advancement Potion (Low-Tier Deity Level Elementary Grade) (Quantity: 10): God-Tier Potion that can increase a life form’s potential to the Low-Tier Deity Level Elementary Grade. It has the right to become a God Spirit. Selling Price: 1,000 Obscure Lord Shop Points!]

[Spacewalker Class Change Certificate (Kingdom-level soldier type) (Quantity: 10,000): Hunters walking in space can exert extraordinary combat power in space and can use stellar energy and spatial power to fight. Selling Price: 100 Obscure Lord Shop Points!]

[Heavenly Knight Class Change Certificate (Empire-Tier soldier type) (Number: 100): Famous top soldier type profession in the universe. Cultivates the Gravity Technique and controls the power of gravity. Use the Star Core Spear as a weapon and contract a star spirit as a mount. Organizational Heavenly Knights can fight Divine Kingdom soldier types with the corresponding array formation. Selling Price: 1,000 Obscure Lord Shop Points!]

[Universe Legendary Class Change Certificate (Divine Kingdom soldier type) (Quantity: One): One of the strongest soldier type professions in the universe. Cultivate the main body’s Universe Technique and open up the universe in your body. You don’t need any weapons. You yourself are the strongest weapon. You have Telekinesis that can overturn the universe. With a thought, the galaxy can reverse and time can reverse. Selling Price: 10,000 Obscure Lord Shop Points!]

[Note: After purchasing all of them, you can obtain a mysterious item. Mysterious goods are formed according to the situation of the Lord of All Races. You can obtain goods that meet the needs of the Lord of All Races.]

Zhou Zhou raised his eyebrows slightly after reading them.

Of the six items, “He” didn’t care much about the first three.

However, the last three items really surprised “Him”, especially the last one.

The Universal Legendary Class Change Certificate!

“There’s actually a Divine Kingdom soldier type for sale?”

Zhou Zhou was surprised.

There was no need to say how powerful the Divine Kingdom soldier type was! It was an existence that could easily fight 10,000 people at the same level.

Even after entering the God Spirit Realm, Divine Kingdom soldiers could easily fight a hundred Empire-Tier soldiers who were also God Spirits!

The weaker soldier types could even fight a thousand people alone!

It could be seen how powerful this soldier type was.

He did not expect that it would be sold.

“According to the hint above, these are just the first day of merchandise.”

“It’ll be refreshed after today so 1 have to be fast if 1 want to buy them, moreover, there is still a mysterious item if 1 exchange for all of them?”

“I wonder what it will be?”

“But a mysterious product that can be specially annotated shouldn’t be bad… right?”

Zhou Zhou pondered.

However, he was also a little conflicted.

“He” wanted to exchange for Venus, a universal race divine artifact, and buy all these goods.

After a long time, “He” sighed.

“I thought I was already very rich but now 1 realize that I’m still very poor.”

“He” shook his head and wondered how the other Lords were doing.

“He” suddenly had this thought. Then, “He” opened the channel of the Lord of All Races.

However, just as “He” opened it, “He” discovered that someone @ him.

[@Blazing Sun Empire—Lord of The Blazing Sun, big shot, why did another heaven-defying Lord appear in your human race? What’s with that Mortal Lord? Do you know “Him”? How did “He” manage to be ranked first as soon as “He” entered the Lord of All Races Rankings and obtained more than 20 billion Hegemony Points? Which Divine Kingdom Lord faction did “He” destroy? I remember the Spirit Venerable big shot of the Ten Thousand Spirit Race said that “They” had the race behind them send experts to help them defeat an Empire-Tier Lord faction. “He” was only rewarded 100 million Hegemony Points. This more than 20 billion must have defeated a Divine Kingdom Lord faction, right? It must be right, right?]

[Is it possible that the Mortal Lord is the Lord of The Blazing Sun, but the Lord of The Blazing Sun is in disguise?]

[Disguise? Are you saying that “He” can deceive the Supreme Will? That’s really amazing. If that’s the case, I’m willing to call the Lord of The Blazing Sun the strongest of us all!]

[Please think before you speak. Disguising himself? Can one fool the Supreme Will no matter how much one disguises? This is clearly another invincible Lord of the human race!]

[What about the Common People’s Regal? Why didn’t I see his name on the rankings?]

[I feel that Common People’s Regal is holding it in.]

[I think so too.]

[The Common People’s Regal will never give up on the second stage of the event. He’s already first in the first stage. How can he not participate in the second stage of the event! “He” must be holding it in.]

[… 1 don’t care about the Common People’s Regal anymore. I’m only concerned about the second stage of the Lord of the Races activity this time. I feel that I’m probably going to fight to the death. Did you see that Venus? It’s really the best. It’s no exaggeration to say that whoever can obtain that race divine artifact will be able to bring their race forward by a large level. Those top races will definitely slaughter the weak Lords of the Myriad Races for this Venus to obtain a large number of Obscure Lord Shop Points. 1 feel that I’m finished.]

[I have similar thoughts. The races behind the Lords of All Races can send some experts to participate in this Lord Event. This will only make the strong stronger and the weaker. Even though the Supreme Will has given us a trillion goals on the surface, I estimate that less than a trillion Lords of All Races might survive in the end.]

[You guys are exaggerating…]

[I’ll listen to you guys. My body is trembling now. What should 1 do…]

Zhou Zhou looked at the contents of the chat between the Lords of All Races thoughtfully.

The effect of this Twin Body was really not bad. These guys had already begun to imagine things themselves before “He” could say anything.

Not bad, not bad!

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