Eternal Life Begins with Taking a Wife

Chapter 694: Breaking into the Dragon Palace (2)

Chapter 694: Breaking into the Dragon Palace (2)


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The old flood dragon spoke in human language. Its body was huge, hundreds of meters long. If it raised waves, it could definitely drown the nearby Dragon God Temple.

Shen Ping said casually, “I’m still very curious about the Laiyang River. I heard that there’s a dragon palace at the bottom of the river and many treasures, so I came down to take a look. It’s best if I can bring more than ten with me.” “Hmph, do you think the Dragon Palace is the Demon Suppression Division? Do you think you can come and go as you please?” A flood dragon said disdainfully. The old flood dragon was much more polite. “I wonder what treasure Lord Shen wants? Our Laiyang River Dragon Palace still has some assets. As long as it can satisfy Lord Shen, it’s fine.”

As expected of an old fellow, his experience and knowledge made him not as impatient as the other flood dragons. He was very calm.

“Give me a few Earth Dragon Crystals. I’ve never seen a high-grade heavenly treasure before. Old Dragon, let me broaden my horizons.”

The other flood dragons were furious. Earth Dragon Crystals were treasures that could allow demons to reach Rank 5, let alone high-grade ones. The old flood dragon hesitated for a moment. “Lord Shen, there aren’t many in the Dragon Palace. However, since you’re a general and it’s your first time here, I’ll give you one. How about that?”

“One? Are you trying to get rid of beggars?” A large amount of purple lightning appeared within a radius of several kilometers.

“That’s… that’s Star Rank!!”

All the flood dragons widened their eyes.

The old flood dragon didn’t seem to be too surprised, but his pupils still constricted. He originally thought that this young general was at the late-stage of the fifth level, but he didn’t expect him to break through to the Star Rank. “Five. This is the limit I can give you. Please don’t be overbearing, Lord Shen. Even if you’re at the Star Rank, you might not be able to destroy my Dragon Palace.”

Shen Ping had previously discovered seven. This old dragon was indeed sincere to be able to take out five. “What about the high-grade ones?”

“My Dragon Palace also has an Earth Fire Essence that can help fire-type bloodline awakeners improve quickly. This is a top-grade heavenly treasure.” Shen Ping shook his head. “Not enough.”

The old flood dragon hesitated and asked the other flood dragons to leave first. Then, he said slowly, “Lord Shen, are you interested in Mount Ba? Mount Ba is huge and has abundant resources. The natural treasures it nurtures far exceed my Laiyang River Dragon Palace.”

“Oh? Tell me about it.” He was indeed interested in Mount Ba. In this world, other than the greatest opportunity, there were other treasures that could be taken away by Beast Spirits. Since it’s a treasure that Beast Spirits covet, they must be very precious. It had been almost 16 years since he was reincarnated, but he had yet to discover such a treasure.

Mount Ba spanned across Ji Province and Jian Province. Its range was extremely wide, and there were probably Star Rank demons in the depths. Therefore, there must be some incredible treasures.

The old flood dragon opened his mouth and spat an ancient scroll that floated in front of Shen Ping. “This is a map of Mount Ba. I obtained it a thousand years ago. There are some special places recorded in it. I hope Lord Shen can gain something.”

Although he said that, he hoped that Shen Ping would quickly send himself to his death. He had obtained several such diagrams and had given them to the Demon Suppression Division in the past. However, without exception, all of them were gone.

He glanced at it. Shen Ping said in satisfaction, “Not bad. I’ve received Old Dragon’s sincerity. I’ll visit another day.” After collecting the five Earth Dragon Crystals and Earth Fire Essence, he returned to the cruise ship. He used his Devour talent to refine the six Heavenly Materials and Earthly Treasures into Blood Beads and gave one each to Ling Yu’er and Lian Nishang. He kept four for himself.

Upon reaching the Star Rank, besides star power, bloodline power was also in great demand. And this blood bead could allow him to open two acupoints.

The next night, his lightning bloodline had officially reached the middle stage of the Star Rank. Combined with his wood-type Star Rank cultivation base and other techniques, he could fight against a late stage Star Rank cultivator.

“That old dragon probably doesn’t have good intentions, but the diagram is indeed true. Yes, I have to go to Mount Ba.”

Unlike going to the nearby county, the journey to Mount Ba was not considered close. Shen Ping estimated that he would have to stay for a month or two. If he was delayed, it might be even longer.

When Lian Nishang heard this, she wheedled and wanted to follow. She was only at the fourth level. If she went, Shen Ping would have to divert his attention to take care of her, so she was directly rejected by Shen Ping. “Cultivate well. The Blood Bead I gave you is enough to break through to Rank 5.”

Ling Yu’er, on the other hand, was obedient. She had no intention of tagging along. Mount Ba was such a dangerous place. If anything were to happen to her, her youth would be lost. Hence, Shen Ping informed the three generals and headed for Mount Ba.

From the last time he entered a mountain range in Ju County, Shen Ping followed the markings on the map and traveled at full speed. It took him three days to arrive at the first special area. This was not the edge of the mountain range.

Along the way, he sensed more than ten demons that had reached Rank 5. Two or three of them had auras similar to the old dragon. These demons usually did not go to the Great Xia Dynasty to cause trouble. They were more focused on cultivation.

Although he was strong and had many methods, Shen Ping was not arrogant enough to deal with all the demons in Mount Ba. He hid his aura and landed at the edge of a special area.

The forest here was dense and the trees were tall. It was like the most primitive tropical forest. Looking up, there were almost no traces of humans. Even the generals guarding the state capital would not come here easily.

“There are so many demons!” Through his unique sensing method, he sensed no less than 30 demons after walking for ten minutes. These demons’ strength was ordinary. However, he did not alert the enemy and continued forward.

He bypassed the territory of the demons and walked for another two hours before arriving at the edge of a pool. The place recorded on the scroll was the pool. He sensed it. There seemed to be something special enveloping the surface of the pool, making it difficult to detect.

Shen Ping did not act rashly. With a wave of his hand, he threw out a puppet figure and dived into the pool. He placed his attention on the puppet figure and could clearly see everything in the pool.

After diving five to six hundred meters, the small puppet saw aquatic demons, each of them at the fourth level. The small puppet was like a dead object as it sank. Some aquatic demons discovered it and threw it down after seeing that there was nothing strange.

He continued to dive down to a thousand meters. The number of Level 5 demons increased. Shen Ping even sensed the aura of a Star-rank demon. “It’s indeed extraordinary.”

When he was nearly two thousand meters deep, he had arrived at the bottom of the pool. There was a patch of blue aquatic plants here. Every aquatic plant was flickering with fluorescent light. In the middle of the aquatic plants was an oval-shaped hole. This hole was only ten feet wide, but there was a constant stream of special airflow coming from it.

Shen Ping was stunned. “This can’t be earth vein Qi, right?”

He had read relevant books in the Demon Suppression Division’s library. The earth vein Qi would be surrounded by blue aquatic plants, and the airflow would show blue flames. It would nourish demon beasts and make it easier for their bloodline to increase. However, the earth vein Qi was extremely rare. It was usually in the sea or river flow.

In the end, there was actually earth vein Qi in a pool in Mount Ba. No wonder there were so many demons here. Most of them were Ranks 4 and 5. There were even a few Star Realm demons.

However, Shen Ping soon had a headache. Although he was strong, killing these demons would definitely cause quite a commotion. This way, it would be easy to attract the Star-rank demons in the depths.

“The earth vein Qi is a suitable place for cultivation. I’ll remember it first and come back in the future.”

He did not act rashly. He turned around and continued to rush towards the special area recorded in the next scroll. Not all the depths of Mount Ba were occupied by demons. Only those mountain ranges that nurtured natural treasures would have demons, such as the surroundings of the earth vein Qi previously. Therefore, Shen Ping only encountered level-five demons after flying for ten days.

It was not until he arrived at the second special area that he sensed the Star Realm demon.

“I’m afraid this old dragon wants me to die on Mount Ba.”

He already understood the old dragon’s plan. This was an open scheme. After all, the more natural treasures there were, the easier it was for there to be greater demons.

He also used the puppet doll to investigate. Soon, he found out that the second special area was a Frigid Snow Mushroom. This kind of high-grade heavenly treasure was extremely beneficial to the awakening of water-type bloodlines, and Lian Nishang was a water-type.

After carefully controlling the puppet to pick a few stalks, Shen Ping immediately left and did not stay for long.

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