Epic Of Ice Dragon: Reborn As An Ice Dragon With A System

Chapter 1689 Surpassing All Limits

Chapter 1689 Surpassing All Limits


Drake felt like he was comprehending something, enlightened by something much deeper, his endless perseverance, and his own motivation to never give up, even if he's torn to shreds, changed something within him.

Every Soul that is reincarnated and obtain a Unique Skill receives this Unique Skill inside of their very Souls, the reason why Greenwood is able to extract them from people to begin with is because he extracts the souls and crystalize them.

With that, he's able to either add them into equipment or even absorb them into a physical, flesh body… However, for that very reason, that Unique Skills remain within one's soul.

Is that when someone's soul evolves and becomes stronger, the Unique Skills tend to change and become stronger as well.

Drake's [Immortal Body] had developed many abilities through his life, the power to eat anything, the ability to enhance his senses, as long as he had energy and stamina left, even if his head was cut down and his heart crushed, he could restore his body.

However, despite all its powers, even as a God, it still had one weakness, it only worked with his physical body, if his soul instead, was struck, [Immortal Body] would simply not activate, it stated within its primary description that it only worked on the physical body after all…

Until now.

Something within Drake awakened, a spark an enlightenment, without realizing it, he had already done everything necessary, but he only needed to understand what it truly meant to be Immortal.

To acknowledge that you will be always pushed down, but that you will always stand back up, endlessly, relentlessly, and without end.

To have a duty, not to strive for his own selfishness, but to give meaning to his Immortality, and protect those that aren't like him!

Because without a meaning, life itself is pointless.

And even more, without an even stronger meaning, eternal life is only a torture and a curse!

But to Drake, it was his strongest weapon, which would bring him further than anybody, to surpass the tremendous wall in front of him…

He had to rely on his powerful Unique Skill, just as Pandemonium did on his own to become so overwhelmingly powerful!

"Yeah, I get it now…" Drake nodded, his eyes shining with golden light, his body glowing, the damage he took into his divinities restored, and even his shattered divinities were beginning to recover, except for those that had been already turned into Demonic Divinities.

"[Immortal Body] is way more than what its description says, every Unique Skill has endless potential… The only way for us to be able to understand it is by expanding our understanding of it by itself… I've been thinking this entire time that it belonged just to my body, but what is the limit of a body?"

The golden essence surging from Drake's very soul was the manifestation of [Immortal Body], the power that made everything "immortal" as long as there was energy to make it real.

Therefore, Drake simply fused his physical body with his Domain, his hand slowly turning ethereal, merging with it, the golden power of [Immortal Body] then spread through his domain.


"Drake, that's…!" even little Ruby was shocked when she saw Drake doing something she never thought possible! "How are you doing this?! I thought…!"

"I didn't know how to do it before, but the solution was there this entire time…" Drake smiled. "Through the power of Spirit Creation and my own Phantom Magic, I can turn my physical body into a ghost-like form or spirit-form. Then, I simply had to synthetize it using Alchemy into my own Domain. It's… rather easy, actually."

Something nobody but him could have thought about, to turn a piece of his body into a ghostly or spiritual form, or both, and then using alchemy to synthetize it with his Domain!

Unless someone cut this connection, which was impossible as he was inside of his castle, then his Domain could gain some of his immortal powers, being capable of regenerating anything, as long as he pumped Divine Power.


Pandemonium was clearly pissed off when he saw that though, he was sure he had heard from his companion that the Dragon King's immortal body was only locked to his body!

"How is this possible? What is even this power now?!" Pandemonium thought, gritting his teeth. Then, gathering more of his endless demonic energy, he unleashed another powerful technique!

"{Seven Gates of Hell Arts}: {Abyssus Oculos}"


Pitch black portals to hell opened, and from within them, crimson and black colored eyes emerged, charging energy, and firing hundreds of beams. BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!

The beams were tremendously strong, leaving gigantic holes through Drake's Domain, but the golden essence continued expanding, healing them one after another.

"He's healing even this?!" Pandemonium groaned. "No…! Keep firing! No matter how strong he thinks he is, he cannot compare to what I am, to the monster I became!"


With a ferocious roar, Drake's Divine Domain trembled, quickly taking the shape of a gigantic silver and azure dragon with countless heads, tearing through his Infernal Hands and Abyssal Eyes one after another.


"You persistent bastard…! Just give up and die already!"

Pandemonium's gates opened even faster than before, not by the dozens but by the hundreds, and then thousands! Drake quickly had to keep up with the pressure as he expanded his [Heavenly Abyssal Azure Nebula Domain (SSS+)], firing thousands of stars of ice, light, darkness, and fire against Pandemonium's summons.

BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! But even then, it just wasn't enough! The Abyssal Eyes and Infernal Hands could tank several dozens of stars before even taking proper damage, they were incredibly tough.

Drake's manifestation was strong, but it was already busy tearing through anything it could by using the power of Gluttony.

"Then it's time to use that as well…" Drake thought.

Drake immediately decided to use his second Fused Divine Ability.

[Unique Skill: Soul-Destroying Infernal Heavenly Void Star Armament Creation (SSS+)]!


Suddenly, the divine and demonic power of his Domain started to change, materializing, and taking the form of silver and azure colored metal, which then took the shape of enormous spears and blades, encompassed by a thin veil of Void Element.


The projectiles quickly started slashing and slicing through the Infernal Hands and Abyssal Eyes, surprising Pandemonium once more.

"Is he… holding me back properly now?!"

At long last, Drake had achieved it.

A stalemate!


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