Divine Emperor of Death

Chapter 3695 Regrouping

Chapter 3695  Regrouping


Shirley looked into the distance with her hand stretched above her eyes, looking as though she was trying to spot something, but she could barely make out the difference when the sight in front of her was covered in mountain ranges.

However, turning to look back, she saw the mammoth crystal tree.

"Phew… getting out would be near impossible if these crystal beasts weren't easily fooled, falling for feints and tricks…"

"You've angered them. They're prowling around, looking to kill anything in sight. It's a miracle that we've escaped…"

Dewzai's voice echoed by Shirley's side.

She was… headless.

Shirley turned to look at Dewzai, not knowing whether to laugh or cry.

Indeed, Dewzai was back in her body, able to repossess it even without a head. However, this was only temporary as long as she was in her body; intense pain would continue to reverberate in her soul over losing her brain.

Shirley inwardly sighed, wondering if immortals were even human.

She found it a bit hard to grasp that the immortal body could be restored as long as the dantian containing martial energy survived, in other words, the Immortal Vessel, since it contained both lower and middle dantian. However, she wasn't in a position to gripe when her nirvanic soul could revive her three times, completely healing her body and soul back to health.

"Don't stare at me…"

Dewzai wore a wide hat a few centimeters above her neck and had it covered by a veil on all sides. Her head was slowly regenerating from the neck and would eventually house the soul sea that she had escaped out within her true soul.

Shirley could see the silhouette of a skull already, slightly bloody, meaning the muscles around the head were already regenerating. She knew this kind of quick healing was only possible due to Dewzai being a fey, an Emperor-Tier Fey at that.

Magical beasts always had a higher regenerative capability than humans, so their wounds healed quicker than most races as long as the wound wasn't intense in energy. Otherwise, remnant energy would plague her.

For the same reason, Dewzai wasn't able to heal the arm she lost, including one of her eyes. Shirley doubted they would regenerate unless Dewzai decided to take the appropriate medicine.

Her lips curled, knowing if she tried to move Dewzai's veil and see her skull face, she was going to be pissed. She didn't go far with her teasing as she folded her hands and looked into the distance, "Let's go. I sense my big sister is this way."

"How do you know?"

"Just a hunch~"

Shirley said, but she lied.

Evelynn had implanted a delayed hex on her body. This was to bypass the Candidacy's initialization if possible, and sure enough, their things were taken away, so items would've been useless.

Some effects from battles may have also been removed, but that would've been unfair, so they bet on the tracking hex not being erased. Then, they made it appear in a delayed manner, so even if some nasty effects were somehow removed in the beginning, the tracking hex would continue to remain.

The same goes for Isabella, so they should be able to sense each other as long as they are near each other. This 'near' was defined by the amount of time passed. The more time it passed, the more distance they were capable of sensing the tracking hex from until it reached the technique's limit.

It took her two hours to leave that mammoth tree region she wanted nothing to do with as there was nothing other than those huge spherical crystal fruits and the dangerous gargantuan Empyrean Crystal Beasts that were guarding them.

As delicious as the crystal fruits were, she didn't want to vainly use her life up to get one.

The Empyrean Crystal Beasts were completely pissed that she had seen a few inheritors die to them because they couldn't see their attack coming. She could only lament those who venture into that region without knowing the situation.

She had tried escaping south since she came from the north, but the Empyrean Crystal Beasts were condensed in the south, leaving her no choice but to return the same way she came. but after she climbed a mountain and walked further north, she sensed Evelynn's presence although it disappeared.

She guessed that Evelynn might've gone out of range for some reason, entered a Hidden Pagoda, was defeated and dealt a killing blow, got caught in some kind of trap that sealed space, or even left the Crystal World using the Crystal Gate.

With so many speculations, she didn't dare think Evelynn was killed, hoping she entered a Hidden Pagoda or something.


At this moment, the fourth seal in her broke, causing Shirley to blink.

Her cultivation base rose to Level Four Immortal King Stage!

Quickly, she sensed Evelynn's presence through the hex as it heated up lightly between her brows, causing her eyes to light up.

She gestured at Dewzai, "Come, let's go~"

"Don't be so excited. Watch out for the other Candidates. Many would've already become Immortal Emperors as we're just waiting to explode out with power and eliminate others. Assassinations would become frequent…!"

Dewzai warned, but Shirley hopped away like a princess from a fairy tale, causing Dewzai to gnash her teeth. However, the sound she made was horrible, like a skeleton rattling, so she shut her mouth in embarrassment and continued to follow Shirley.

They passed two more mountains, tall and mighty. There were also a few crystal mountains but they ignored them.

Then, they had to pass through a grassy plain, which would make them more vulnerable in terms of being spotted, so Shirley finally reeled herself in and concealed herself using her ice phoenix powers and continued to make her way while Dewzai did the same.

However, they doubted it would be of help since a Level Six Immortal Emperor's soul sense could easily detect them if they intentionally swept the plains. Fortunately, their soul senses didn't extend much in this space, so that was good for them.

Eventually, they made it past the grassy plains safely.

There was a crystal mound in the middle of the grassy plains teeming with Early Immortal Emperor Crystal Beasts, but they ignored it as usual. It wasn't worth the effort to attract attention to themselves right now as they were still weak.

Climbing up, they were making their way to the other side of the mountain, but Shirley canceled out her concealment and ran, causing Dewzai to flinch.


She sent a soul transmission, but Shirley didn't heed it, so she ran straight up the mountain.


Dewzai followed her, wondering if she had spotted a treasure that needed instant plundering or if it would be taken away. However, when she caught up to Shirley, she saw her in a deep hug with another woman, causing her to blink.

"Big sister, it's only been a day and a half, but I missed you so much!~"

Shirley jumped like a little girl while embracing Evelynn, causing the latter to laugh.

"I missed you too, Shirley~"

Evelynn and Shirley celebrated their reunion. On the other hand, Dewzai and Rea Tyriel had just arrived, raising their brows at each other as they turned slightly hostile. However, Evelynn and Shirley looked like they were in their own world, firmly holding each other as they shared the warmth of family.

They could even feel the hardships they had gone through, knowing it wasn't easy to survive here.

"Have you seen Isabella?" Quickly, Evelynn asked.

"No, I didn't sense her. I can't sense Flamerose and Frostrose either, but if our bloodlines resonate, we should be able to sense each other. By now, I also guess they would've become Immortal Emperors, so they might start flaring up their bloodline after being able to handle themselves. We only have to wait for them..."


The two of them let go and looked at each other's company, wondering what was going on.

"Big sister, this here is Dewzai. She's an Emperor-Tier Fey of the Devilish Flame Fox Clan, but we met and went through dangers together, so she shouldn't be dangerous until the new trials, I think..."

Evelynn nodded, "You don't need an introduction for Rea Tyriel, right?"


Shirley laughed, her gaze locking on Rea Tyriel.

"Great, now there's two of you whom I can't beat." Rea Tyriel harrumphed, "This is ridiculous…"

"Make that three~" Dewzai stepped forward, causing Rea Tyriel to raise her brows.

"You're more injured, so I have plenty of chances to defeat you."


Dewzai wasn't able to refute that. However, she definitely didn't want to be the weakest here, causing her to take a step forward and make her power known.

However, Shirley raised her hand, stopping her.

"Let's not fight, or if you two want to fight, don't come with us. Let's go, big sister~"

Shirley grabbed Evelynn's arm and looked like she wanted to be doted on, causing Dewzai to blink.

To have such respect for Evelynn, was she extremely powerful…? Or was it because she was the first wife of the Divine Emperor of Death and had much favor?

She didn't know but wanted to see.

The four of them started to move.

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