Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao

Chapter 3535 Finding a punching bag

Chapter 3535 Finding a punching bag

Everyone hurriedly shot out attacks at the same time, blasting towards the broken stone ball.


The wooden raft suffered a heavy blow, and suddenly stopped, but fortunately, this damaged stone ball was also sent flying, and did not cause the wooden raft to overturn, causing everyone to fall down the mountain.

The young man surnamed Li hurriedly steadied the wooden raft, and continued onwards.

Everyone breathed a sigh of relief. Though the final attack against the rock ball had caused their blood to boil, and made them feel extremely uncomfortable, they had still managed to disperse this attack in the end.

"Make the most of your time to recover. Next... there should be two more balls appearing at the same time," the man in red said darkly.

Unexpectedly, however, the next stone ball that appeared became one again. This was very easily delat with, right until two waves later, another two rolling stones appeared.

Boom, the commotion was massive.

"Get ready," the man in red shouted loudly.

Peng! Peng!

It was still two consecutive strikes. The first rolling rock shattered, but close to half of it remained. Peng, it crashed towards them with unstoppable momentum. Though everyone had joined forces to block it, they were completely unable to withstand the might of the rolling rock. Boom, the rolling rock crashed down. This time, the wooden raft was not so lucky, and was instantly flipped over.

Everyone fell, and all of a sudden, they were in a weightless state, falling straight down from halfway up the mountain. 

Would this fall kill him?

Ling Han's first reaction was to enter the Essence Nurturing Gourd. However, when he recalled that the people who had fallen had only suffered severe injuries, which shouldn't be life-threatening, he didn't want to expose the secret of the Essence Nurturing Gourd.

Everyone fell, and very soon, the ground appeared.

Ling Han immediately used Imminent Skyline, and with a single step, he had already landed on the ground. However, a powerful rebound assailed him, causing his whole person to tremble violently, and it was as if all the bones in his body were about to fall apart.

This impact was really too powerful. Even if he used movement techniques, he couldn't completely dodge. Thankfully, Ling Han's bones had undergone seven evolutions, and the sturdiness was completely incomparable to a normal Inscription Tier.

He sat down in a cross-legged position and channelled the Brother Monkey Cultivation Technique over and over again. The Brother Monkey Cultivation Technique circulated with a warm power, and after a long while, the boiling in his body finally calmed down.

Even Ling Han was like this, and the others were even worse off. All of them were still groaning on the ground.

It was not just the man in red. More than two thirds of those who had ascended the mountain previously had appeared at the foot of the mountain, looking terrible. Obviously, they had all fallen, and possibly had recovered slightly earlier.

Ling Han thought for a moment, then decided to do it alone.

Of course, he wasn't alone. Instead, he had called the children over.

The power of the wooden raft's attacks naturally depended on the overall strength of Spiritual Power, but there was also the problem of fusing them together. Without

coordination, the Spiritual Power of ten people was extremely mixed, and could not unleash much power at all.

However, Ling Han had absolute trust in these seven children. They were all born from the same vine, so their hearts were definitely connected, as if they were septuplets.

Of course, Seventh Baby could fall asleep at any time, so the seven children would have to be counted as six. 

Moreover, the babies were all born with a Divine Physique, so their Spiritual Power definitely wouldn't be weak.

The young man surnamed Li and the others lay down for a while, and slowly recovered. There seemed to be a protective mechanism here. It would cause one to fall painfully, but would not cause serious injury.

"It's all this brat's fault!" An Inscription Tier cultivator suddenly pointed at Ling Han, and said, "He didn't cooperate well with us, and that's why we failed at the last step."

These words won the agreement of quite a few people, and they all glared angrily at Ling Han.

Ling Han was surprised. Everyone was not cooperating well enough, so he was indeed a part of the responsibility, but to throw the blame onto him and let him carry the blame alone, that was going too far.

"That's right. Brother Li should not have found an outsider."

"However, those at the Inscription Tier would only cling to us."

"Let him compensate us for our losses!"

It was the few Inscription Tier elites who were making trouble. All of them had cold expressions, as if it really was Ling Han who had caused them not to be able to ascend the mountain.

Ling Han sighed, and said, "You guys still want to be shameless?"

"Humph, you caused us to fall short of success at the last step, and still want to quibble?" someone rebuked.

"Take him down!"

The five Inscription Tier elites all jumped out and surrounded Ling Han, all of them looking unfriendly.

They had not managed to ascend the mountain, and were naturally displeased that they had failed. Thus, they definitely had to find someone to vent their anger on. Then, Ling Han, who had nothing to do with them, would definitely be the best candidate.

The four Enlightenment Tier elites all watched coldly from the sidelines. Even the young man surnamed Li had no intention of speaking up to dissuade them.

They definitely had to vent their anger. Otherwise, how was he supposed to unite the team?

Ling Han shook his head, "Since you guys are so determined to seek death, then you can't blame anyone."

"Ha, you still dare to speak tough!" One of them smirked coldly, "Don't let him die so easily. In any case, waiting for the wooden raft to reappear would also need time. Let's slowly play him to death, one strike at a time."

"Sure!" The others all nodded, not feeling that they had gone too far at all.

Compared to the cruelty in the ptison, they were already "gentle" enough.

Ling Han humphed, and his eyes were as cold as ice. He suddenly charged out.


His fist shot out, and his opponent did not even have the time to react before he was directly sent flying. His body was still in midair, yet suddenly exploded, turning into a shower of blood.

The other four Inscription Tiers faltered upon seeing this, their minds completely blank.

"Good one, brat!" The young man surnamed Li and the other Enlightenment Tier elites flew into a thunderous rage, especially the young man surnamed Li. He was the one who had brought Ling Han into the team, yet in the end, he had killed his teammate right in front of his eyes, which made him even more furious, and made him feel as if he had been deceived.

... Is this even Inscription Tier?

"You're seeking death!" He flew out, and drew a saber from his waist. As he waved it in a slash, a piercingly cold black Saber Qi slashed towards Ling Han. The strange thing was that multiple white skulls actually appeared from within the Saber Qi, making one feel terrified.

"Yi, this is Ghostly Shadow Elder's unique cultivation technique."

"Could it be that he is a disciple of Ghostly Shadow Elder?" "An old monster of the True Self Tier!"

"Shh, are you tired of living? You dare to make up stories about elites of True Self Tier?"

Everyone was discussing spiritedly, but how could their voices be faster than the saber light? This saber strike had long since arrived in front of Ling Han.

Ling Han was unafraid, and merely shot out a punch.

Peng, the Saber Qi instantly crumbled, but those skulls seemed to be unaffected, and sank into Ling Han's body. "Hahaha!" The young man surnamed Li laughed loudly, "Brat, do you think that just because your power is slightly stronger, you would be able to stand against my Ghostly Shadow Saber?"

"Humph, being invaded by Ghostly Shadow Saber Qi, just wait to die!"

He was filled with confidence. Those skulls were actually Saber Qi as well. They had fused with some kind of secret technique of his, and had a terrifying destructive effect on the physical body. As long as they invaded his body, he would definitely die.

In response, Ling Han threw another punch. Peng! An Inscription Tier cultivator was instantly obliterated.

Boom, his vitality was exuberant like a furnace, burning fiercely.


The young man surnamed Li gaped, completely unable to believe his eyes. How could someone's qi and blood be so vigorous, to be able to burn the corrosive power in his Ghostly Shadow Saber Qi into ashes?


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