Affinity: Chaos

Chapter 1585 Test From The Second Prince

Chapter 1585 Test From The Second Prince

Grey listened to the words of the Second Prince carefully. Apparently, the person there was the First Prince's Necromancer who was in the Mid stages of the Sovereign Plane. According to the information the Second Prince has gathered about him, he is one of the strongest Necromancers in the same stage. It is rumored that he has a Seventh stage puppet. Of course, this hasn't been confirmed, but just the fact that such a rumor spread around, especially when it is said that he has killed a Late stage Sovereign in the Aurora Continent, it was very easy for the rest to believe this rumor.

"Do you have an idea of his fighting style?" Grey asked.

"Why are you asking?" The Second Prince asked.

"Cause I need everything about him to know if I can deal with him or not." Grey replied.

"His personal strength is not that impressive, even a Second stage Sovereign can defeat him without his puppet. However, like most Necromancers, his strength lies in the puppets he has under his control." The Second Prince said.

Unlike Necromancers, Gnomes generally are almost as strong as their human counterparts, and even some are stronger, without the need of their puppets. But in the case of most Necromancers, they are generally weaker than other humans in the same stage.

"As long as I can catch him off-guard, I can incapacitate him with one strike." Grey replied after giving it a thought.

"Do you think you can sneak up on him?" The Second Prince felt like Grey was having a fool's thought.

Grey was only in the First stage, it might be impressive, but given the cultivation stage of the person he was about to engage, it wasn't meaningful in any way. A Fifth stage Sovereign will always have the superiority even when they're personal strength is weak.

A Necromancer in the Fifth stage of the Sovereign Plane has a stronger mental strength which means it is easier for them to fish out those weaker than them if they were hiding close to them.

"You don't have to worry about that. If I say I can deal with him, then believe me that I can. If I can't, I'll die." Grey looked at the Second Prince before adding, "And trust me when I say this, I have no plans of dying anytime soon."

The Second Prince gave Grey a thoughtful look, he looked at the Seventh Prince who nodded before saying, "Since you say so, I'll create an opportunity for you. But all you'll get is one shot, don't blow it."

"Believe in me, like your brother has."

The Second Prince didn't say anything else and looked at the direction the people were mining.

"I'll draw him here, take him out before he gets here." The Second Prince said.

Grey looked at him with a serious look, he knew the Second Prince was testing him, and he didn't have any plans of failing this test. The easiest person for him to deal with are people like this Necromancer. The fact that without his puppet he's only equivalent to a Second stage Sovereign made life easy for Grey. He didn't think he would have it this easy.

'Coming here was a good plan. My mental strength is improving thanks to the abundance of energy here to train.' He said as he vanished from all the senses of the Second Prince except his eyes right before him. The Second Prince could see him, but he couldn't sense him. It was as if Grey wasn't there, yet he could see him there.

The Second Prince couldn't help but reevaluate Grey once again. Since meeting Grey, he didn't know how many times he has had to reevaluate his opinion of Grey, but he didn't think this was the last time.

He squinted his eyes and a hint of jealousy flashed through it. He couldn't help but imagine where his younger brother found such a precious gem. The fact that Grey was like this meant that his friends should at least be close to what he is. If that's the case, then his chances of getting the throne was in jeopardy.

The Seventh Prince might be weak, but with the help of someone like Grey, his chances have shot up by over fifty percent. The Second Prince was a very smart person and knew how valuable people like Grey were.

'I have to get him and the others. They're too valuable to leave under the hands of my foolish younger brother.'

The Second Prince started plotting ways he could get Grey to join him. He felt he was the best choice of candidate for Grey if he wanted to have a status in the Gnome world. And he didn't mind bribing Grey, even though the thought of Grey possibly betraying him too for the First Prince crossed his mind, he didn't mind, the reason for this was simple. He wanted to use Grey's help to take out the First Prince, that way, he would be the best candidate.

So Grey wouldn't want to betray him for anyone else since none of them would be a good choice for him.

He turned to his younger brother and said, "Thank you."

The Seventh Prince, who was being controlled by Grey, looked at him in a confused manner, "For what?"

"Oh it's nothing, I just feel like thanking you. For some reason I feel like you brought a gift with you." The Second Prince laughed it off and released his aura after a few seconds.

The only way he could draw the Necromancer to this place was by making him aware of his presence. He knew the habits of the Necromancer, since this was a valuable mine, he would want to get as much as he could from it, so he would want to confront the Second Prince and delay him.

He was an expert at using the habits of people against them, and he wanted to make it show here.


Grey sneaked close to the place where the people from the First Prince's camp were mining and he could see what they were up to. They've dug a fairly large hole, and he could see a long tunnel inside.

'Damn, these things are amazing. I have to take his storage ring.'

Even Grey was impressed by what they were taking from this place. These stones were valuable, and he knew that in the Aurora Continent, they would be very precious. They contained an amazing amount of energy, each one of them. And the Necromancer was the one keeping them all.

When he sensed the Second Prince's aura, he didn't expect that was his way of drawing the attention of the Necromancer, but to his shock, the Necromancer looked in that direction and actually prepared to leave.

'Stupid?' This was the only question in Grey's head.

If he were the one in this man's position, he would leave this place as soon as possible, yet this guy was keeping the newly mined energy stones in his storage ring before giving out some instructions and heading out.

Grey looked at the person who was tasked with keeping the stones that would be mined when the Necromancer wouldn't be around. He also heard something about destroying this place once he gave the signal.

Grey quickly understood why the Second Prince did this, he knew the character of the man and knew that he would do something like this.

'I'll kill him, take his storage ring. You guys kill the rest and sweep this place clean, sounds like a plan?'

Grey asked Void and the bunny leader who appeared on either side of his shoulder.

Both nodded. The bunny leader seems to be intrigued with this place. It was clear that he wanted to take everything there.

He also told them to go back to what they were doing once they were done with this place.

The duo didn't have any issues with being called by Grey like this or even leaving as soon as they were done. This was good business.

Void and the bunny leader were used to this work, and they knew to keep all the storage rings of the people they killed.

Grey left this place and waited for the Necromancer in an area where it would be hard for the Gnomes to sense him, be it the Second Prince or those from the First Prince's camp. He didn't have any plans to expose himself while trying to take out some of the enemies.

The man didn't know what was waiting for him as he flashed through the sky. He suddenly paused when he sensed something and turned to look in that direction. Down in the trees, he could sense a gaze on his body.

'A trap?'

He thought and went on the defensive, he looked below and chuckled.

'The Second Prince is the only one in the Middle stage, he doesn't have anyone else. This should be easy.'

He knew this wasn't the Second Prince, so he was more relaxed. He brought out his puppet, and it was one in the Sixth stage of the Sovereign Plane.

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